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Fantastic is an accessible venue, with accessible access, toilets and tables

  • I don’t care how long it takes me,
    but I’m going somewhere beautiful

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  • FANTASTIC 3 Tsidon St. Tel-Aviv

  • Call Us 03-5164700

  • גישה לנכים – קיים

    ריהוט נגיש – קיים

    שירותי נכים – קיים

    לפניה לרכז הנגישות אנא שלחו לנו מייל או התקשרו




    • A must go! No other bar, in the country, had so much effort, creativity and financial investment put into it.

      Shimi L
    • It's an absolute adventure being in a bar with atmosphere like this.

      Moran M
  • FANTASTIC 3 Tsidon St. Tel-Aviv

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